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Profile of Ryuji Suzuki

Manager/Tax Accountant, Grant Thornton Yamada & Partners

“Simplifying complex international taxation between Japan and the United States”

Providing simple solutions to complex international taxation issues between Japan and the U.S., and supporting Japanese corporations in advancing into the U.S. market and Japanese individuals investing in the U.S.


Personal History

  • Graduated from the School of Commerce, Waseda University

  • September 2012: Joined Yamada & Partners
  • 2016: Posted to the U.S. accounting firm Armanino
  • 2017: General Manager, U.S. Office, Yamada & Partners USA, Inc.


  • Q&A: Tax administration for overseas business travel, secondment, and foreign citizens: Thorough answers to frequently asked questions


Consulting on international inheritance solutions between Japan and the U.S.
Providing support for smooth inheritance of assets in Japan and the U.S., for families with residences in both countries
U.S. income tax returns/disclosure, inheritance tax returns
Providing swift, thorough tax return services while also taking Japanese tax returns into consideration
Registration services, payroll calculations, corporate tax returns
Not only providing services in the U.S. but also providing timely financial reporting and answers to questions in Japanese for head offices
Support for returning to Japan
Providing simulations of income tax and inheritance tax prior to returning to Japan and support for related measures as well as the practicalities of returning
Support for advancement into the U.S. market and M&A activities
Developing plans to enable Japanese corporations to succeed in the U.S. market, with consideration for legal, financial, and tax matters

Yamada&Partners USA, Inc. (New York)

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