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Profile of Hitoshi Kumagai

Senior Manager/CPA, Grant Thornton Yamada & Partners

Support from a Japanese perspective

Providing support for advancement of Japanese firms into Southeast Asia, centered on Singapore, and subsequent tax and accounting solutions, in cooperation with accounting firms in Southeast Asian countries.


Personal History

  • Graduated from the School of Business, Aoyama Gakuin University

  • December 2004: Joined Yamada & Partners
  • April 2016: Manager, Singapore Branch, Yamada & Partners
  • April 2017: Director, Yamada & Partners Singapore Pte Ltd.


  • •Coauthor, Tax Index (Zeimu Kenkyukai)
  • •Coauthor, Illustrated Introduction to Corporate Tax (Zeimu Keiri Kyokai)
  • •Coauthor, Q&A: Accounting and Taxation for Corporate Reorganization (Zeimu Keiri Kyokai)
  • •Coauthor, Beginner's Guide to Practical Stock Swaps and Stock Transfers (Chuokeizai-Sha)
  • •Coauthor, Understanding Group Corporate Taxation through Q&A (Zeimu Kenkyukai)


Accounting and tax consulting on M&As by Japanese firms with Southeast Asian firms
Providing M&A-related services such as consideration of structures and due diligence based on the tax systems of Japan and other countries. Supporting subsidiary management after acquisition, from the perspective of the parent company.
Accounting and tax consulting on cross-border group internal reorganization
Providing comprehensive support through proposal of various schemes, tax risk analysis, and related procedures (including tax returns based on the tax systems in various countries) for changes to capital structures and reorganization within Groups. Providing one-stop services in cooperation with local accounting firms for taxes in Japan, Singapore, and other countries where overseas subsidiaries are located.
Support for establishment, registration services, account auditing, tax returns, and settlement of accounts for subsidiaries (branches) in Singapore
Providing support for establishment of subsidiaries in Singapore and related settlement of accounts as well as subsequent accounting and taxation. Providing timely Japanese-language support for tax returns, both in Southeast Asia and for parent companies in Japan, as well as responding to questions and consultation from parent companies.
International inheritance and business succession consulting
Providing consulting services on inheritance tax and gift tax in Japan for clients living overseas with assets in Japan and overseas.
Tax support for international relocation and returning to Japan
Providing advising and support for those considering relocating overseas or returning to Japan, centered on tax-related matters.


  • 51 Anson Road, #12-53 Anson Centre ,
    Singapore 079904
  • TEL:+65-6922-9097(Direct line)
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